The 'Eurokrak' Agency for Translations, Scientific Research and Quests

The 'Eurokrak' Agency has been providing translation services since 1982. The Translation Agency employs sworn and free-lance translators and interpreters specialized in engineering, legal, economic, banking, and many other fields. The translators employed by this Agency support the multi-national dialogue necessary among people living in the increasingly inter-related business and social 21st century world.

We provide translation services between various languages including: Polish, English, German, Arabic, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Russian. Upon request, written translations are proofread by native-speakers. The rapid service offered by this Translation Agency is another major benefit of the translation services provided. Welcome to the ‘EUROKRAK’ Multi-language Agency for Translations and Quest.


PL - 31-058 Kraków/CRACOW
16 Stradomska Street, Suite 1
Tel./Facsimile: 48(12) 647-57-52
Tel./Facsimile: 48(12)632-34-58
Mobile/Cellular: 0048 601-867-508