Scientific, archival, library & other necessary research and quests

Scientific, archival, library and other necessary research and quests covering public/widely accessible and specialist databases, source materials, reference publications and books, in the following languages: English, German, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Latin, and Arabic.

We find what you want to know!

Our offer includes:

  • Collecting and translating specialist information in various scientific fields and referring to the most contemporary achievements in different economic (industrial) branches
  • Reviewing and gathering the most current reference publications and books, compiling reference indices of subjects
  • Gathering source materials for papers, scientific dissertations, monographs, undergraduate and graduate dissertations (bachelor, MA, MSc)
  • Accessing archives in Polish and foreign languages, general and specialist databases in Poland and abroad (libraries, local government & municipal councils, church offices, museum archives, etc.), for the purpose of finding information, documents and data relevant to property and inheritance cases, personal data & information (for example of people who have once emigrated and disappeared).

The scope of work and time limits to be negotiated.